Smart travellers guide: 8 products you’ll always find in my luggage! 

Whether I’m jetting off to a far-flung destination or just planning a long drive down to the coast, there are certain products I never leave home without, here are my eight favourite travel beauty products…

Mineral make up

Most cosmetics, unfortunately, tend to clog the pores, aggressive sensitivity and suck moisture from your skin. This is why I only use mineral make up when I travel. Mineral cosmetics are actually made from compressed natural minerals and do not contain any oil or wax additives. Not only is it kind to sensitive skin but it’s also non-comedogenic; this means it doesn’t clog pores and lead to blemishes and the stuff is so gentle it won’t harm your skin if you forget to take it off at night (which let’s face it, we’ve all done while travelling). It also absorbs excess oil and some of the minerals even have beneficial health

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