Some Quick Thoughts on Growth

A few random thoughts on growth, prompted by some observations of myself, friends, and coaching clients.

Boredom is good. It means that you’ve reached a new level. Staying bored is really bad, because it means that you aren’t moving on to the next thing. So enjoy it for a moment, and then make sure you don’t feel it for a while.

People generally grow in one area at once. If you’re trying to make too much progress in too many areas, you’re risking none of them succeeding. If you focus on one thing, track it, and course-correct, it will probably work eventually . You can maintain or slowly improve others.

Results don’t always come at the same time as process. So sometimes you work on all the right things, see metrics improving, but the results still aren’t there. That’s okay, it’s still growth. Sometimes the opposite happens and results all

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