Spring Break Ideas For Families On A Budget That Aren’t Staycations

By the end of winter, many of us are feeling a bit of cabin fever and would love to get out of town for spring break. But what happens when you have a limited budget? Families on a budget aren’t doomed to stay home during vacation. Check out these great budget-friendly spring break ideas. You might be surprised at the adventures your family can have without breaking the bank.

A beach vacation may be a budget-friendly option for spring break. Photo credit: Becca Robins, Memory Making TravelingMom

My family gets hit pretty hard by the travel bug by the time spring roles around. We have spent the majority of the winter staying home, inside the house. Seeing spring break on the calendar gets us thinking about adventures on the road, but sometimes our bank account doesn’t have as big a balance as our travel dreams.

Just because our

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