St. Joseph, Michigan Area

As you may know by now, we go to Michigan quite a lot when we’re in the U.S. We have friends there, but we also love to hang out in the state. It’s beautiful, it’s got nice people, it’s got lots of water, and it’s got great food and drink.

One of the many areas we like to hang out in is around the town of St. Joseph, on the Lake Michigan side of the state. While that’s the main town, more or less, we actually spent time there this go around, as well as Stevensville and Bridgman. So. Much. Delicious. Beer.

And so, here we go!

Our first stop was to eat and drink at Silver Harbor Brewing Co. in downtown St. Joe. They have a tasty menu and brews, and it’s usually our stop before or after we walk around and enjoy the beauty of this lakeside town.

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