St Lucia’s Marigot Bay Offers Adventurous Travellers More Than Just Sun, Sea, and Sand

It’s 7am in St Lucia and, having just finished an early morning Hatha yoga class, I’m laid in savasana pose on a palm-covered deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Marigot Bay offers adventurous travellers more.

I wouldn’t normally start my day in this manner, however the ochre tones of sunrise inspired me to rise early and make the most of the opportunity to break away from the mundane routine awaiting me back home.

Traditionally, at Caribbean water-front resorts the focus is directed to powder-soft sands that stretch out toward the ocean in undulating swathes of white.

Guests spend their days laid under canopy as drinks flow and food is served, but for an active traveler such as myself the novelty of this soon wears thin. However, at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina located on St Lucia’s west coast this is certainly not the case: A verdant oasis of calm, the bay

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