Start your New Year with a luxurious halal holiday

By on Dec 30, 2019 in Accommodation, Africa, Asia, Hotels, Maldives, Mauritius, Middle East, Oman, Philippines, Regions, Resorts, Seychelles

With the holiday season here, it also means New Year is shortly following. For most people, if not all, it only seems like yesterday that they were celebrating the New Year of 2019. The year has gone by so fast, and it just shows how busy everyone has been, working and getting on with their daily life. After another 365 days since you had your last New Year’s Eve off, it’s about time you treat yourself to a luxurious holiday where you can relax, unwind, and forget about the worries in the world. With a large selection of halal-friendly holiday destinations just waiting to amaze you, starting your New Year by flying off to your own little paradise is the perfect way to tell yourself ‘thank you’ for all

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