Staying in the largest city of Ecuador

The city of Guayaquil is Ecuador’s main port and also its most populous city. It is located on the coast; one of four very unique regions that this small South American country has within its borders. Affectionately called “the Pacific’s Pearl” by its inhabitants, this city is another tourist hotspot that shouldn’t be missed while visiting the country in the middle of the world. Ecuador’s regions and cities are marked by differences not just limited to geographical conditions, but also history and aesthetics that evolved differently. Every city has its own charm and Guayaquil is not the exception.

For many, vacations almost always involve sun, beach, rest and relaxation; Guayaquil is a great base camp for beach adventures that never get boring. Also, it is important to consider that if the altitude of Quito ever becomes an issue, Guayaquil is a great option that doesn’t present any breathing challenges

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