Stop Saying Mansplaining Isn’t a Big Deal. It is.

Last week I wrote what happened when I tried Soylent. If you missed it, a quick summary: I became the human equivalent of what happens when you drop Mentos into a Diet Coke.

Soylent aficionados were not happy. Their rage was understandable. After all, I’d come for their soy isolate meal replacement beverage. Very soon this group of angry men who had no actual knowledge of my body or my diet started explaining the very mechanics of my body and diet to me.

Some accused me of outright lying.

And that I was clearly in the pocket of “Big Food” and all of my experiences were made up.

They insisted that Soylent was good for me and that, I dunno, me feeling sick was a result of me being close-minded?

“pooping up on the web”

And then they started explaining my own bowel movements to me.

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