Stop Telling Bloggers They Aren’t Writers

Being a writer means that you’ll never have a shortage of criticism, whether it is offered up to you in heaping scoops of vitriol from faceless masses on the internet, or you gather it yourself from your never ending well of neurotic self-doubt. Hooray.

Add “being a woman” into the equation and your cup overfloweth.

Fortunately, we writers are rational beings and so we give as much credence to positive comments as we do negative ones. JUST KIDDING. We focus on the terrible stuff that is said to us like we’re being paid by the hour.

My book came out two months ago. The reviews have been … well, glowing.

.@everywhereist a women on my plane saw me reading your book & said she’d been hearing about it & wanted to know if it was good (yes!) ☺️

— Krista Seiden (@kristaseiden) July 7, 2017


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