T.J. Maxx and the Opposite of Shoplifting

My favorite person in the world at my favorite store, holding up a shirt I tried to get him to buy.

The thing about having the phrase “petty theft” in the title of my book (AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW) is that everyone assumes – perhaps fairly – that I am driven by compulsive thievery. This is inaccurate. In reality, my thieving is calculated and vengeful, to be meted out upon deserving parties in the name of justice and also passive-aggression.

What’s that, you ask? Could I simply just confront the establishments/houses of worship/state departments that I feel have wronged me and tell them why I’m upset? Well, sure, I suppose I could, but that takes a lot of self-awareness and personal growth and frankly shoving a couple packs of Post-Its in my bag is way easier.

My thievery is usually applied in a very limited scope, and much less

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