Tanzania’s safari secrets

Tanzania is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and exceptional game viewing opportunities. With so many different camp and lodge options, there are also a plethora of many wonderful safari activities. With hot-air ballooning, walking and vehicular safaris being the norm for visitors, it is easy to fall in line with everyone else and miss some of the most exciting and adventurous activities. Once travel has fully resumed across the globe, making the most of your safari will be even more special.

Fly camping in Ruaha

Ruaha in the South of Tanzania is the largest National Park in the country. Larger than the famous Serengeti, Ruaha spans an area the size of small countries. It is about the size as South Africa’s Kruger, yet there is one big difference: Ruaha only has a handful of lodges.

Offering a very private and intimate experience, staying in Ruaha gives a very wild

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