The 4 ‘P’s of luxury safaris in Kenya post-COVID-19

We are hungrier now more than ever before to marvel at the wonders of the world as the ‘travel drought’ has made our wanderlust that much stronger and given us itchy feet. The time will come when the new normal will once again include some of your old holiday favourites as well as different and more meaningful experiences.

Privacy, purpose, protection, and pampering. These are what the new era of African safaris will need to combine to ensure that when you journey to a faraway destination, you can do so safely, exclusively and in a way that is fulfilling for you and reduces any environmental or social pressure on your host destination.

Travel can be about so much more than simply ticking off a checklist. It can feed your soul with passion and purpose, while giving back in significant ways to those that are lacking in resources. A safari

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