The 5 alternative sights in Moscow that you must not miss

Even the most ardent luxury traveler can grow tired after days of high-end restaurants, expensive malls and glitzy hotels. Luckily, Moscow offers a ton of cool sights and activities that will appeal to luxury and regular travelers alike, even if some of these will require a bigger-than-average budget. These five tips are guaranteed to get your adrenaline levels up.

Driving a real Soviet tank

It wouldn’t be a real trip to Russia if a few tanks weren’t a part of it, am I right? Approximately a two-hour ride away from Moscow, you get the chance to drive a real WW II tank. For the real luxury traveler, there is always the option of adding a few gimmicks to a mere tank ride. From firing a few shots, driving over used-up cars to entire quests and competitions – your budget is the only limit.

Visiting Bunker 42

If driving a tank

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