The 5 best beaches in Curacao

When you set Curacao as your vacation destination, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time on the beach. But with so many beaches and so few vacation days, you need to make the most of your time during this vacation getaway. To help, here are the best beaches in Curacao you absolutely need to visit.

Playa Grandi (and Playa Piscado)

These two beaches run together, so if you visit one you’ll end up on the other. Whichever you end up on make sure you rent out snorkel equipment as this is by far the very best destination for swimming with sea turtles and other marine life. The water is a brilliant blue with excellent visibility. Just make sure to invest in an underwater camera become you come because there’s so much to see under the surface.

Grote Knip

This is the kind of beach you go to

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