The 5 best reasons to visit Dubrovnik in Spring

While Summer is the most popular time to visit Dubrovnik, Spring (or Autumn) could be an even better option to explore and enjoy this Adriatic pearl and one of the most intriguing destinations in Europe. Here are the 5 most important reasons why visiting Dubrovnik in the Spring is the best idea ever!

Warm, Mediterranean climate

Did you know that Dubrovnik enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with around 250 sunny days or 2670 sunshine hours per year? Pleasant air temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C make any visit from April to June an ideal choice when it comes to exploring and enjoying Dubrovnik by foot, car, or boat. And this brings us to…

Blue sea and the islands

The Adriatic Sea, a branch of the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and (mostly) Croatia, is considered to be one of the cleanest waters in the world. With a very different form

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