The 5 hotels where celebrities feel right at home

The 5 hotels where celebrities feel right at home By on Oct 26, 2021 in Accommodation, Africa, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Celebrities, Europe, Hotels, Italy, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Regions, Resorts, South Africa, Switzerland, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe

We might not always realise it, but we can pretty much travel anywhere on this globe and enjoy uninterrupted holidays. Celebrities however don’t always have that luxury. They are spotted and chased by paparazzi, fans, press and who knows what else. As a result they prefer travelling to places that aren’t always easy to reach or where they can hide from the camera. Of course, these spots aren’t common so the ones that do tick all the boxes quickly become a safe haven for many A-listers and global celebrities in general. So if you want to increase your chances of bumping into one of them you better start planning

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