The 5 most incredible luxury locations for birdwatchers in Latin America

If you are a keen birder, there are few places which can rival the sheer diversity of species in Latin America. From the huge flightless rhea, to the tiny jewel-like hummingbirds that can be found across the whole continent, there is a bird for everyone. The most famous residents are species such as penguins, macaws and toucans, however, there are thousands of other unique birds that can be found in every habitat imaginable. Here we have rounded up the best locations, and which luxury hotels to stay in, for the ultimate birding holiday.

1. Tayrona Eco Habs, Tayrona, Colombia

Colombia boasts the most bird species of any country in the world and should therefore be on every birders radar. From the Caribbean Sea to the deep Amazon, and every place in between, there are hundreds of colourful birds to be spotted.

A particularly fruitful region is the coffee zone,

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