The 5 paradises on Earth that are found in Greece

The most precious gifts come in small packages, just like the islands that you will get a taste of below. The sophistication they have, the history, the culture and the mesmerizing beauty they are blessed with will lure you in to witness it all for yourself.

You will have stepped away from the mass crowds, from the endless nightlife and you will have entered a new world that is ambrosial and angelic. With more authentic experiences and with courteous locals, you will have your most meaningful vacation on these unique islands.

How can one island be so tiny but in possession of all these elements that make it unforgettable? Find out below!

Paxos & Antipaxos

Only about an hour away from Corfu, there lays the magnetic island Paxos. With just 3 villages and 2,300 permanent residents, Paxos is one of the most picturesque islands one can visit in Greece. The

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