The 5op 5 Fall destinations… to be transformed

By on Sep 04, 2019 in Africa, Asia, Australia, Bhutan, Europe, India, Italy, Morocco, Nepal, Oceania, Regions, Western Europe

Mid-September to mid-December can be tricky to get right in terms of travel destinations, mostly due to unsettled weather, rains and even hurricanes.

But help is at hand!

There are parts of the world where these months are ideal: the rainy season has finished and resplendent in greenery in India and Bhutan, the scorching heat has passed in Morocco, the crowds have dropped off in Italy, and Australia, well, it is hard to pick a bad month for Australia, but if I had to, July-August can be pretty cool and wet, at least in the southern states.

What follows is my Top 5 recommendations for travel in the Fall, where you and your family can enjoy luxury accommodation, incredible sights, and leave a legacy by making a difference, creating

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