The 9 Life Lessons I Learned on the Camino de Santiago

Sunrise in the Pyrenees, Day 2

Yeats once wrote, “It takes more courage to examine the dark corners of your own soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield.”

After walking nearly 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago, I fully understand that sentiment.

The camino was an intense physical challenge; I walked for five weeks, averaging 15 miles per day. I endured blood blisters, sun stroke, and severe muscle cramps, and sometimes was so much pain I could barely walk.

But mentally, it was even harder. Some days I was so sick of being mired in my repetitive, negative thoughts I wanted to throw my walking sticks and catch the next bus to Pamplona.

But in the end I toughed it out, and learned a lot of valuable life lessons in the process.

Planning ahead is often pointless.

On the camino, I realized

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