The Art of Experiential Travel in Costa Brava

On my very first trip to Spain and only my second trip to Europe, I arrived in Costa Brava. That’s right, I landed in Girona and just as soon as I had walked through the airport doors, I hopped on a bus, bid Costa Brava farewell, and followed the crowds to Barcelona.

At that point, I was in my early 20s and I craved ‘it’ destinations preceded by their reputation. My trip to Barcelona was brief but fun, and everything you’d expect from a first-timer: I walked the crowded Rambla at night, had my first meal consisting of tapas, marvelled at Gaudi’s artistic touch, and enjoyed an afternoon at the beach. When I came back from that trip I raved about the city to anyone who would listen; in my mind, Barcelona was the greatest city in the world! And then I revisited last year – a little closer to 30 than I once was to 20

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