The best beaches in the world to visit by boat

The best beaches in the world to visit by boat By on Sep 21, 2021 in Bahamas, Brazil, California, Caribbean, Cruises & Boat Travel, Europe, Florida, France, Georgia, Greece, Michigan, Middle East, North America, Puerto Rico, Regions, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South America, South Carolina, Speciality Travel, Turkey, US Virgin Islands, USA, Western Europe

With lots of vacations still on hold, we find ourselves daydreaming of when we can travel freely once again. YachtWorld has listed all the best beaches in the world, only accessible by boat.

Vacations and short trips are always good ways to unwind and re-energize ourselves. For many people who love to explore and seek out new experiences, the earth’s oceans and waterways are just perfect. Countless stunning bodies of water are met with equally gorgeous coastlines and choosing the beach you want to spend your time on depends on

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