The best day trips from Hakuba, Japan

The best day trips from Hakuba, Japan By on Apr 25, 2021 in Asia, Attractions, Going Out, Japan, Regions

Though Hakuba is a well known international ski destination, and recreational mountain town in the green season, it also serves very well as a base from which to explore some of Honshu’s best destinations. In no particular order, here are five of the best day trips from Hakuba.

1. Matsumoto Castle

As one of Japan’s more impressive and complete castles, it’s long history stretches back some 500 years before stability was established in the region, evident in its defensive features such as murder holes and arrow slits. The castle itself has been well preserved, and restorations have used timber instead of concrete (a fate that other Japanese castles have succumbed to). The castle walls, moat, grounds and garden are immaculately kept, and so a visit to Matsumoto

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