The Best Disney World Rides for Preschoolers

 One of the most magical times to take kids to Walt Disney World is when they’re preschoolers, because they’re often tall enough to ride the majority of the rides in all four parks. But remember – just because preschoolers are tall enough to ride doesn’t mean they should.  Our preschooler Traveling Mom, Britni, recently visited Disney World with her children. Here, she breaks down details on the best Disney World rides for preschoolers including whether each ride with a height limit is good for preschoolers or should be skipped.

Splash Mountain’s big waterfall drop may be scary for preschoolers. Photo Credit: Britni Vigil, Toddler Traveling Mom

Best Disney World Rides for Preschoolers

I’ve been to Walt Disney World with my preschooler four different times in the past two years. I believe that the preschool age is one of the most magical times to visit the happiest place on earth. Preschools are often

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