The Best of Shoreditch Street Art: A Photo Essay

In my humble opinion, Shoreditch has everything you could want in a London neighborhood: cozy pubs, outstanding Indian restaurants (see: Dishoom), ultra-hip bars (see: The Gibson), and centuries of turbulent, fascinating history.

But my favorite thing about Shoreditch is the street art; it’s like a massive, grungy, outdoor art gallery. So on this visit, I decided to sign up for the Shoreditch Street Art Tour.

Though I love checking out Shoreditch’s street on my own, I enjoyed having a guide. Namely because he taught us to identify the artists – I now know I love work by ROA, Manyoly, and Stik.

However I was sad to discover that a lot of my favorite pieces are now gone – including my beloved octophant by Alexis Diaz. (Isn’t it magnificent?!) Alas – such is the ever-ephermal nature of street art.

Here are my favorite pieces of street art I saw in Shoreditch on my

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