The best places to see primates in Africa

Primates are fascinating. Any amount of time spent with an impressive Silver-back Gorilla or an boisterous Chimpanzee can be a truly grounding experience. It is no surprise that people flock from all over the world to Africa to see our closest relatives in the flesh. Upon observing these mighty and intelligent primates you realise that they really are not much different from humans after all. Their social interactions, personalities, facial expressions, body language and everything in between are all uncannily human and will take you on a journey not just up a forested mountain edge, but through to the origins of where mankind all began.


Chimpanzees are a joy to watch. It is no wonder seeing these incredible primates in the wild is on so many bucket lists; spending an hour with a family of Chimpanzees can be a truly  life altering experience. Africa is the best (and only!)

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