The Best Selling Car

It’s rare that I see advertisements. I have ad blocking on everything I own, if I go to a movie I try to go late to avoid previews and ads, and if I watch TV it is downloaded with the ads stripped or through Netflix. I still see some ads, of course, but not all that often.

When I do see them, they often jump out at me, especially TV ads.

“Ford, America’s best-selling car,” I heard the TV say.

What? The line shocked me so much that I wrote it down to write about later. That’s a selling point? I kept thinking about it. The fact that a car is a best-selling car is actually a downside to me.

America’s most reliable car? Great! Most fuel efficient? Awesome! Most versatile? I’m interested. Best selling, though?

It made me realize just how much people care what other people think of

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