The best travel documentaries on Netflix

By on Jul 12, 2019 in Asia, Food and Drink, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Photography, Regions, Travel Equipment, Travel Miscellany, Videos

Escape into the real world with some of our favourite travel documentaries showing on Netflix. Our globe has more adventure and magic than any fictional show. We have delved into the world of wanderlust to discover astonishing sights waiting to be explored. From the islands of Japan to treasure hunting in South India’s Golconda diamonds mines, ignite your imagination and let the tales below be a catalyst for planning an adventure of a lifetime.

Children of the Snow Lands

Telling the moving story of children in the High Himalayas of Nepal, this documentary follows the footsteps of young students returning to their mountain homes after over a decade spent away at schools in Kathmandu. Filmmakers Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson tread lightly alongside this emotional pilgrimage home, never

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