The best views in Tanzania

A room with a view is always an attractive option. A room with a view over the wild Serengeti plains is an experience. I believe in the power of a great view, and that a dumbfounded jaw drop or sharp intake of breath epitomises the spirit of safari. Peering out onto miles of uninterrupted wilderness, knowing that in that canvas is the most amazing array of life, is a truly grounding experience.

Entamanu, Ngorongoro

Entamanu without a doubt has the best view of all the Ngorongoro options, and possibly the most iconic in the whole of Tanzania. From the front of the lodge, marvel at the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater in all its glory, and from the back of the lodge is the sweeping southern Serengeti plains. Two of Tanzania’s most quintessential sights are all within touching distance from this lovely little lodge on the crater rim. The height of Entamanu

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