The Big Island: massive activities

The Big Island: massive activities By on Jul 05, 2021 in Attractions, Going Out, Hawaii, North America, Regions, USA

The Big Island of Hawaii is built on an active volcano and some dormant ones, which, when measured from the seafloor to the summit, is over 33,496 feet tall. There are endless activity options, so how to spend your precious holiday time?

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The top of the active volcano is usually the lava action location. How to view best and appreciate the magma-tude is the question. Visiting the national park is the best option because it is a geology lesson, past to recent history display, endless hiking options with personal exploration by walking the different lava flows. Likely a two-hour drive from your lodging, so best to spend the night at the Volcano House Hotel, right in the national park, and then embark on

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