The digital nomad countdown to a new country — how we do it

If you’re just getting started on a digital nomad journey, you’ll quickly learn the transitions from one place to the next are like pit stops in a race. Doing them well means you waste less time, make fewer mistakes, and spend less money while making a smoother transition from A to B.

7 days before leaving

By now, you’ve probably made your plans on where you’re going next, where you’re staying, and how you’re getting there. If you haven’t, get those plans in order post-haste. We’re finding it easier and more time-efficient to figure out where to stay on Airbnb, but naturally your mileage may vary.

Make your last weekly / big trip to the grocery store for all that non-perishable stuff. Your goal here is to get everything you’ll want without leaving food behind or wasting anything.

6 days before leaving

Any places left on your to-travel list in this

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