The end of one journey, the start of another, and an announcement

On May 13, 2016, we left my mother-in-law’s place in Nova Scotia to embark on an epic road trip throughout Canada and the US.

Just myself, Laura, a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire… and just about everything we owned. We drove all around Nova Scotia, west through New Brunswick and Quebec, and explored a lot of Ontario before settling into Toronto for about three months.

While earlier plans had us traveling through the western part of Canada, we ended up opting to see more of the US instead, routing ourselves through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee on the way to my brother’s wedding in North Carolina. We ended up in the Tampa Bay area for about three months.

On our way out, we hit up some of the Florida panhandle before driving across Alabama, western Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan over the course of a couple weeks. Since

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