The family-friendly Maddalenas

For anyone yachting around Corsica and Sardinia with children, the Maddalena Islands are something of a concealed treasure. Although the prime summer months of July and August can still be busy, outside these times the islands tend to be quieter than mainland Sardinia. For parents this is a bonus, giving a certain degree of freedom and flexibility where children are concerned, with less worry about bustle, crowds and noise. An easy-going vibe and welcoming locals add to the family-friendly atmosphere of this small cluster of islands.

With a landscape often likened to a more rugged Caribbean, The Maddalena Islands feature clear, turquoise waters and softly undulating rock formations. Renowned for long, white sandy beaches that fringe small bays and coves, there is an abundance of protected anchorages to enjoy the ultimate in privacy and relaxation. Blessed with UNESCO National Park status, the sea and land are highly respected and

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