The grand re-opening of Baron Palace

Baron Empain Palace, also known as Le Palais Hindou, first opened in 1911 and is a mansion inspired by a Hindu temple and is located in northeast of central Cairo, Egypt. The palace has been closed to the public since 1997 due to Satanists allegedly holding rituals there. Now after almost 2 years of restoration, the palace has become a cultural centre and has opened its doors to the public on June 29th, 2020.

Baron Empain launched his company for the purpose of creating a railway connecting Mansoura to Matariya, and after losing the contract, he stayed in Cairo and created Heliopolis, which is Greek for the City of the Sun. The palace was a solitary structure among concrete buildings, specially constructed to serves as Empain’s mansion.

With the president as an attendee to the inauguration, everything was made sure to be ready for the grand opening. The grand

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