The Jewel of Portugal, Lisbon

Lisbon is an ever-popular location in Portugal for travellers. The coastal location and sunshine are probably the most prominent reasons why! Lisbon also has just about anything else you could want; castles, monasteries, museums, and more.

For newbies to Lisbon, this travel guide will help you to navigate your way around the place and figure out some stuff to do.

Transport Options for Visitors of Lisbon

If you’re more worried about getting transport from Lisbon airport to the city, this guide has you covered too. It’s possible to get a bus, the metro, and taxi transportation services. Bear in mind that for all of your options there are several service providers and their charges can vary depending on who you go with.

There are travel cards you can purchase to make your stay in Lisbon easier. For every mode of transportation all through your stay in Lisbon, the Sete

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