The Lakes of Band-e Amir, Afghanistan

Any car can drive on any road, as long as the driver is determined enough.

Travel has taught me this lesson time and time again, and the drive to the sapphire lakes of Band-e Amir, Afghanistan’s first national park, is yet more proof.

The road begins innocently enough. Fresh black asphalt cuts through the sparse plains around Bamiyan, a town high in the Hindu Kush mountains, only half an hour from Kabul by plane. The road from Bamiyan to Band-e Amir feels new… and probably will remain that way for years to come, given the only signs of life on the road are shepherds, their flocks, and the occasional motorbike. But all good things must come to an end, and the new road to Band-e Amir is no exception.

With a jolt, asphalt gives way to a rocky dirt road. Our driver for the day, Abdul, grips the wheel,

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