The Loire Valley: A Paradise for Lovers of French Châteaux!

If France is the country of châteaux (palaces), then the Loire Valley is the region to visit in order to get the full experience! In fact, the entire region is littered with châteaux to the extent that the central part of the Loire Valley was made a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2000.

With vineyards, historical towns and countless fruit orchards, there’s really something for everyone to see and enjoy in the Loire Valley, and you can’t go wrong by dedicating at least a couple of days to visiting the region! If you’re short on time, then you can easily manage a day trip to the Loire Valley from Paris by car, and with that in mind, here are 3 châteaux to consider visiting:

Château de Chambord

It makes sense to start with Château de Chambord because the palace really is the crowning jewel of the entire region. Built in the 16th century,

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