The luxury of time

By on Jan 08, 2020 in Travel Miscellany

Time. A phenomenon as yet undecided, undeciphered, unreal. It exists as both a concept and a reality. Many physicists, mathematicians and philosophers have tried to unravel it, hypothesizing and postulating till the cows come home. But it remains an elusive illusion.

Time – nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” – Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg

I’ve talked previously about the luxury of space – the concept of space and the passing of time are irrevocably intertwined; one allows the other to exist in our minds as dimensions that make it possible for us to tangibly consider our presence in the world. Have I lost you yet? Stay with me – the topic of time itself is intricate and extreme, as even quantum physics fails to adequately explain it. In other words, it’s harder than rocket science.

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