The luxury villa dining experience

Food is an inseparable accompaniment to any travel or holiday experience. In luxury villa accommodations, dining is taken to a whole new level of exclusivity and personal touch. While some diners make reservations, drive themselves to 5-star restaurants, and wait for a table, villa vacationers instead have the restaurant experience brought right to the very place where they are staying – along with other delightful perks.

Your own private chef

An iconic service feature of a luxury villa stay is having your own private chef. These experienced talents provide full services for guests, from grocery shopping to the actual food serving. They combine local expertise with high-class culinary training, knowing where to find the freshest ingredients and crafting star-quality dishes with finesse.

Personalised menu

Every single meal is customizable. You are free to make requests or ask the chef for recommendations. To add some excitement, some assign a

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