The Magic of Transoceanic Cruises

I’m currently on a cruise, which is really where I’d be for most of the year if I had my way. While I do love all cruises to some extent, there is a certain secret type of cruise that is by far the best type: The Westbound Transatlantic or it’s more rare cousin, The Westbound Transpacific.

When you are on a trans-oceanic cruise, you feel like you are in a club with everyone else on the boat. It is the first transatlantic for many of them, but they are in the club, too, even if they don’t know it. For others, it’s more obvious. Is this your first transatlantic? Oh no, we do one every year. Those are my people.

Cruise lines generally want most of their ships to be in the Meditteranean during the summer and the Caribbean during the winter. These two seas are far apart, though,

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