The most beautiful villages in Ticino, Switzerland

The most beautiful villages in Ticino, Switzerland By on Jul 22, 2021 in Attractions, Europe, Going Out, Regions, Switzerland, Western Europe

From the summits of its mountains to the shores of its lakes, the Canton of Ticino is dotted with a vast number of towns and villages, each with its fascinating past and unique personality. However, there are six that glow with even more splendor and that make tourists who visit them immediately fall in love, giving in them a desire to come back for more.


A natural beauty entirely formed of stone, Lavertezzo is popular in Ticino – and also in Switzerland – for being a picturesque riverside village with a beautiful parish church.

But what makes this region famous is its double arch bridge passing through crystal blue waters of the Verzasca river: made in the 17th century

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