The most exclusive neighbourhoods in Barcelona

Known as a cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural heritage, Barcelona is a city that attracts people from all over the world to come and live. The cultural diversity stems from the many foreigners that move to the city, whether as students or professionals, looking to experience life in Barcelona. Thanks to its world-famous landmarks, beautiful coastline, and laidback, Spanish lifestyle, it offers the perfect location for anybody who visits.

Divided into 10 districts and over 70 neighbourhoods, there is so much diversity between each area of the city. From the more touristic areas in the Ciutat Vella district, such as the Gothic Quarter and Barceloneta, to the more residential neighbourhoods further inland, such as Les Corts and Sarria-Sant Gervasi. Many locals have invested in luxury properties in the city, increasing its status and attraction to investors from across the world.

Barcelona is the one of the most expensive places

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