The most luxurious things to do in Barcelona

As a reader of Luxury Travel Blog, we know that you are someone that appreciates the finer things of life and experiencing the best that the world has to offer. If you want to experience luxury, there is no better location than Barcelona, Spain. Whether visiting for a short while, or taking a longer stay in the Catalan capital, there is a plethora of exciting and extravagant activities that you can get up to.

We have comprised our list of the most luxurious things to do in Barcelona, ranging from sumptuous culinary delights to taking to the skies at high speeds to experience the city from an angle that few have experienced.

Hot air balloon flight

Experience breathtaking panoramic views of the sublime Catalonian landscape near to Barcelona, on an early morning hot-air balloon excursion. Marvel at the city of Barcelona below, the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains, and the Mediterranean Sea.

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