The Northern Lights in Iceland: how to avoid disappointment

There are few things more magical than hunting down the Northern Lights in Iceland… when you’re successful!

But for every great story heard from a friend who witnessed the green and pink dancing curtains 3 nights in a row, there’s the misery tale from another friend who was driven around in a big bus night after night searching out a moment of clear skies in an otherwise wet, windy and cloudy night. With nothing to show for it other than a dent in their bank balance and some numb toes.

So I’ve decided to create this month’s blog post as a kind of, ‘how to avoid disappointment’ when hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland.

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland (being dark is just one factor)

The short version is, if it’s dark there’s a chance! Effectively once the midnight sun bows its

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