The Perfect Itinerary for Murchison Falls, Uganda

Murchison Falls National Parks is Uganda’s largest national park that is famous for two things: its safari park and massive waterfall.

While Uganda isn’t the best place to go on safari in Africa (that awards goes to Kenya or Tanzania), Murchison Falls is a great option for safari if you’re only traveling to Uganda.

Plus, it’s laid back and untouristy – a far cry from many other safari parks in Africa (*cough* Kruger *cough*).

I recently (okay, in April) visited Murchison Falls and had an amazing time. The park was beautiful, and I was thrilled to finally see lions, elephants, and hyenas in the wild.

So I wanted to create this three-day itinerary for anyone interested in visiting Murchison Falls.

You can use this itinerary regardless of whether you have your own car. If you don’t have a car, I recommend visiting Murchison Falls with a tour operator – I’ve heard good

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