The Three Things You Need To Travel Around The World Is Quickly Becoming One Thing

Back in 2012, I wrote a post about how when you strip everything down, you only need three things to travel around the world: a passport, a credit card, and a smartphone.

This still holds true today, but those three things are quickly all being condensed down into one single thing: a smartphone.

I’m going to go through just how technology has changed to allow this to happen and what the implications are for international travel, and how close we are to taking an international trip with nothing but your phone.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards haven’t gone anywhere, but the way we can use them has changed dramatically since 2012. Services like Apple Pay, Google Pay (which is replacing both Android Pay and Google Wallet), Samsung Pay, and niche payment services like Walmart Pay have changed how we physically use credit cards at the point of purchase.

The way we

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