The Top 8 Australian National Parks You Need to See

Australia is a breathtaking place, home to some of nature most beautiful parks in the world. From hiking to rock-climbing, these 8 national parks have something for every nature lover. But before you hit the trail make sure you’re protected with travel insurance, especially if you intend to participate in extreme sports with your loved ones.

Look for coverage that can protect you from high medical bills or worse- denied care. Start with a Google search to find providers within your country of residence. Australians will want to look for Australian travel insurance companies, where Americans will want to find providers in the States.

With that safety precaution out the way, here are the top 8 national parks in Australia nature lovers need to see.

Daintree National Park

Ever wanted to see the oldest rainforest in the world? If so, be sure to include the Daintree National Park

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