The top peaks of Switzerland

Many of the Alps’ photographic panoramas are in various Swiss regions and include the Pennine Alps, Bernese Alps, Bernina Range, Mont-Blanc-Massif, Uri Alps, and the Glarus Alps. As you journey through the various federal cantons, you’ll explore the glamour of the famed Swiss Alps that pave Switzerland‘s heritage.

Switzerland is bursting with glorious lakes and small towns. The mountains are instrumental to nature as chocolate and cheese are to humans. The mountain peaks form the unique backdrop that is expected of Switzerland.

The Swiss Plateau divides the Alps and Jura Range mountains across a 300 KM journey and covers a third of Switzerland’s surface.

When you plan a trip to Switzerland, ensure that you make time to explore the significant summits that dominate the Swiss scenery. The Monta Rosa is in the Pennine Alps, Finsteraarhorn in the Bernese Alps, and Piz Bernina is in the Bernina

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