The Travel Gear Anti-Haul: What You DON’T Need to Buy

In light of the many, many holiday gift guides currently circulating about the things you should buy, I thought it would be refreshing to talk about what you shouldn’t buy.

Have you guys seen Kimberly Clark’s anti-haul makeup videos on Youtube? They’re hilarious. Instead of highlighting the makeup products you should buy, Kimberly rants about the products you shouldn’t. It’s anti-consumerism at its finest.

So, I wanted to do the same with travel gear. Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of travel gear. Some travel accessories are now indispensable to me: I absolutely love my hanging toiletry kit and packing cubes, for example.

Unfortunately, other travel accessories have been total disappointments.

Keep in mind that we may have different opinions about these products – maybe you swear by your travel pillow! Maybe you can’t live without your wifi antenna! But these are just the travel accessories I personally don’t like. No

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