The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Lost Luggage

It doesn’t matter how often you fly the drama of arriving at your destination and realising your luggage has been left in transit is an annoyance like no other.

The ensuing rigmarole you go through with the airline customer service desk and your travel insurance company eat into the first few days of your trip leaving you irritated and deflated and wishing you had stayed at home.

For those off on their holiday, lost luggage is an major inconvenience however for long term travellers lost luggage can sometimes mean the loss of all worldly belongings. Long term travellers often travel with all they own in the world having sold everything else to fund their adventure and give them the freedom to roam, a lost bag is like loosing the contents of your wardrobe or living room.

If like me, you’re always keen to be reunited with your luggage every time you

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